Define your goal. Take every step.

Run your world with a personal training plan.

The basics

Goals and outcomes

 There is much truth to the assertion that mastery resides in the journey, not the destination.

At the same time, to a great many of us results also matter, and this leads us to establish lofty goals and seek sound methods to pursue them.

If you find motivation in setting and chasing running goals, I'm ready to help you reach those objectives.


I have coached athletes on the track and roads at all levels of competition, from middle school to the Olympic Games.

One of my core beliefs is that at some sooner or later, running finds the runner, and for many runners a coach can help unlock the path to enhanced performance.

My coaching philosophy places heavy emphasis on identifying and utilizing what works for a given individual.

Get started

Regardless of where you find yourself or where you're headed, you can make the choice to spend every day running your world.

Each runner is different, and your running identity and objectives should help shape your training.

If you are ready for personal coaching to help you realize success with your next goal, don't wait another day to begin that process.

Drew Wartenburg


For more than two decades I have coached distance and middle-distance athletes at the the secondary school, collegiate and professional levels. The basic principles for coaching runners remain remarkably similar regardless of the ability level, and I enjoy blending physiology and the mental/emotional aspect of sport in order to enable athlete success.

After working in assistant coach roles at Chadwick School, in Palos Verdes, CA I served as the head coach for cross country and track & field at Charles Wright Academy, in Tacoma, WA, where I coached individual and team state champions.

After a year spent volunteer coaching at Oregon State University, I was hired as the cross country and distance coach at University of California, Davis, where I coached numerous individual and team champions in the Big West Conference and individual athletes on the NCAA stage. I also served as the program director for the last three years of my tenure.

In 2012, I was fortunate to have an athlete make the US Olympic Team, and in 2014 I left college coaching to focus my energy exclusively on post-collegiate and professional athletes. Since that time I have guided athletes to national titles and teams as well as two additional Olympic Team berths in 2016.

Based in Sacramento, CA with my wife, Kim Conley, we travel the country and world dedicated to the pursuit of in excellence in track and field and distance running.